Aurionix FileUsage

Aurionix FileUsage 1.0

Add new information columns to your Windows Explorer

Aurionix FileUsage integrates smoothly with Microsoft Windows Explorer to add extra columns to Explorer's Detail View. The extra columns display the total size of all files and subfolders within a given folder, the total percentage disk usage and the total number of files within a given folder.


  • Total Folder Size column
  • Percentage disk usage column
  • Total Count of Folder Contents column
  • Automatic Update service (to receive new features and bugfixes)
  • Utilising the .NET Framework - allowing each install of FileUsage to be custom speed-tuned for your computer
  • Smooth, seamless, quality integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • New feature requests and support through this website.
  • Quality assurance through development expertise and testing
  • Lightweight install and operation

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Aurionix FileUsage


Aurionix FileUsage 1.0

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